About Us

Lyle Apparel is the trading name for JBL Industries Pty Ltd, a family-owned importation and distribution company based in Victoria. Our company was established in late 2014, and opened its online doors in March 2015.


In October 2014, following a lengthy absence from professional golf due to illness, PGA Tour player Jarrod Lyle was introduced to Nexbelt. An initial meeting resulted in Jarrod adding a Sunny Yellow belt to his on-course wardrobe, and also planted the seed of opportunity for the Lyle family to establish a business to import and distribute new products in Australia. Given that our knowledge and 'expertise' lies within the golf industry, our initial focus is on products that would appeal to golfers around Australia, with a view to branching into other areas as the opportunity arises.


After surviving two battles with leukaemia, Jarrod Lyle and his family have a long and significant history with a non-profit organisation, Challenge – supporting kids with cancer. Challenge played an important role throughout both of Jarrod’s cancer treatments, and continues to support him both on and off the course. 

Lyle Apparel will proudly donate $1 from the sale of every Nexbelt in Australia to Challenge. In addition, Lyle Apparel will donate $20 from the sale of every exclusive Leuk the Duck belt to Challenge.

To find out more about the invaluable work that Challenge does with children and families, go to www.challenge.org.au


As a company, our intention is to introduce high quality, innovative and affordable products into the Australian marketplace. Obviously our passion and knowledge lies in the golfing industry, however we hope to one day branch into other areas. We were thrilled to be able to begin our journey with Nexbelt products in 2014, and we hope that the service and professionalism we offer to all of our customers will help create many more opportunities in the future. 

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